Our Associates

Brady and Associates Inc. retains the expertise of many top healthcare professionals with a wide range of skills to facilitate all of our clients’ workplace healthcare needs.

Sue Brady, Reg.N. COHN (C)
Sue has been an innovative leader in the Occupational Health field for over three decades developing expertise in several different sectors from health and safety support, rehabilitation and disability mediation services, and critical incident management.


April Detzler, R.Kin
April is a Registered Kinesiologist who has been with Brady and Associates Inc. since 2008 specializing in Physical Demands Analysis, Occupational Health and Wellness services.


Dr. Roger Solomon, Ph.D.
Dr. Solomon has been involved in trauma recovery services since 1994, providing critical incident treatment for a number of high profile events including the World Trade Center disaster, Hurricane Katrina and the Oklahoma City bombing.


Barbara Anschuetz, OACCPP
Barbara is a certified psychotherapist (OACCPP) and Trauma Specialist who has provided clinical therapy, supervision and consultation in trauma and grief assessment and treatment for over 25 years.


Dr. Sam Klarreich, Ph.D.
Dr. Klarreich is a registered psychologist who is Board Certified by the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress and is a Designated Substance Abuse Professional (S.A.P.)


Dr. Y. M. Markus, M.D. MPH&TM FRCPC
Dr. Markus is a certified Medical Review Officer (MROCC) for drug testing in the workplace and has experience in medical surveillance, independent medical evaluations and industrial toxicology. He is a specialist in occupational medicine, public health, travel and tropical medicine.