"From dealing with a case of H1N1 in the workplace, creating an Asbestos Containing Materials Program, to Bill 168, Brady and Associates Inc. have been our health and safety go-to guru's for the last 18 months. The team, led by Sue Brady, are practical, realistic and understand what we need. Their hands on approach has them working as our partner and coach.

I would highly recommend Brady and Associates Inc. for your Health and Safety needs."


Anna Chartres, Fairmont Royal York Hotel, Toronto, Ontario

Regional Director of Human Resources - Central Canada



"Sue has an excellent rapport with key executives, managers, and unionized and non-unionized employees. She has conducted training programs in responding to critical incidents from St. John's, Newfoundland to Vancouver in Canada. In November 2001 she was requested by the American Department of Justice to Newark, New Jersey to debrief the workers who had been counselling the emergency services crews at Ground Zero.


On numerous occasions I have requested that she represent me at functions regarding critical workplace issues when I have been unable to attend. I feel that Sue has dedicated herself to this aspect of healthcare practice and is always a pleasure to work with."


Dr. Robert Francis, M.D.C.M, Toronto, Ontario


"Sue worked for me from 1999 to 2006 with a primary focus to Critical Incident Intervention Management during which time she rose in the corporate structure through management to becoming a Vice President of our company. In addition, Sue was awarded the Award of Excellence for the Occupational Health Nurses Association in Ontario for 2004.


In those six years Sue has proved herself an integral part of the Critical Incident Program in the Toronto area."


Jean-Marc Mackenzie, Toronto, Ontario



"2010 marked the 8th year that our company has held a Flu Shot Clinic. We encourage employees to participate, including their families, which most do, largely due to the convenience. When we first started there were some skeptics, but participation increased from year to year once people realized that the incidence of illness was lower when we all got the shot.

The education provided regarding the benefits of the shot and the myths surrounding it helped as well. It is reassuring to know that those people with whom you spend the most time, are protected."


Cindy Legge, Leslie Group, Toronto, Ontario



"I want to thank you so very kindly for your amazing assistance, immediate responses and overall care. Jenn was simply dynamic to have as a representative of Brady and Associates! I overheard a couple of people say that she was great with administrating the needle. I will definitely let my CEO know that for next year, I would love to have Brady and Associates and Jenn return to do our Flu Clinic in 2011!"


Rosanna Cuilla, Urban Space Properties, Toronto, Ontario



"I can’t afford to take time off work. This way I know I’m protected in the workplace AND at home. I also take public transit to work and often am surrounded by germs on surfaces and crowds that are sick and coughing. Protecting myself is the best way to ensure I am able to stay productive at work."


Josee Tremblay, Workplace Flu Clinic Participant, Toronto, Ontario



"We spoke with our son yesterday, second time in two days… he sounded great. Sue, thank you so much. We are so encouraged and know a lot of his and our progress is due to you. We would not have been able to handle things so well without you and your expertise."


Anonymous, Critical Incident Management Client



"I wanted to thank you Sue for the tremendous support you provided to our staff, my team and of course to me personally.  As I told my wife, you explained the road trip our emotions were taking us on.  We may not have liked the trip, but at least we had a guide to tell us what we were dealing with.  For that, thank you so much."


Anonymous, Critical Incident Management Client