Dr. Roger Solomon, Ph.D.

Dr. Solomon has been involved in trauma recovery services since 1994, providing critical incident treatment for a number of high profile events including the World Trade Center disaster, Hurricane Katrina and the Oklahoma City bombing. He works closely with the FBI, NASA, the US State Department for Diplomatic Security, the Department of Justice, US Attorney’s Office and the Boston Trauma Center.

Dr. Solomon’s specialty is EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) which is particularly effective in healing critical incident trauma. As senior faculty at the EMDR Institute, he teaches advanced workshops in this technique globally.

Since 1976, Dr. Solomon has provided training and support services for many large organizations, in both the private and public sectors, including Via Rail, Union Pacific Rail, Medcan and Brady and Associates Inc. He provides psychological services, critical intervention support and training to manage at-work behaviour and stress challenges. Dr. Solomon consults with numerous municipal, state and federal agencies on an ongoing basis and teaches workshops and seminars around the world.