Corporate Flu Clinic Program

The World Health Organization has stated that there are only two (2) ways to prepare to minimize the potential effects of the Flu. The first is to encourage good personal hygiene and the second is to get an annual flu shot.

Because Brady and Associates Inc. understands the substantial costs associated with employee disability and as a part of our commitment to providing a comprehensive and effective health management solution we are offering an on-site Corporate Flu Vaccination Program. Our team of nurses will come to your workplace early on the day of the clinic to ensure that infrastructure is in place to deliver the vaccinations. The Flu Vaccination Program provides the following benefits to you and your employees:

Benefits of hosting a Corporate Flu Vaccination Program include: 

  • Flu shots can reduce work absenteeism due to illness by 36 percent. 
  • Flu shots reduce physician office visits and reduce the amount of time an employee has to take off work to travel to the physician's office during the day, wait, and return.
  • Flu shots reduce upper respiratory illness by 25 percent.
  • Increased employee satisfaction by an organization hosting a corporate flu clinic. 
  • More employees would participate in receiving a flu shot yearly if the burden of making an appointment with the MD, traveling etc. was not in the equation.
  • Providing the opportunity for employees to bring their children to their workplace for flu vaccinations offers them the ability to save lost work time waiting in the Doctor’s office while ensuring their family stays safe during the Flu season.

Our program consists of:

1. Education

One-month prior to the delivery of the Flu Clinic, our team will provide educational materials to employees and supervisors. This initiative equips employees with the necessary information to make an informed decision regarding their participation in the Program.

2. Clinic Day 

Contract nurses will be on site on Flu Vaccination Clinic Day(s) to:

  • Manage all aspects of the Flu Clinic
  • Confirm emergency systems are in place
  • Ensure each participant is comfortable with the protocols
  • Provide Influenza Information Sheet
  • Obtain written employee consent
  • Perform the vaccinations
  • Monitor employee after the vaccinations have been administered
  • Review the Employee Vaccination Questionnaire

3. Quality Assurance and Statistical Reporting

We believe providing an opportunity for our clients to comment on the success of our program is important. As a part of our quality assurance program, a survey is given to all clients following administration of the Flu Clinic. This allows our team to capture information that can enhance our ongoing program initiatives. 

Our Occupational Health Team 

Our team utilizes the expertise and experience of a number of highly trained and experienced registered nurses to carry out the work required, who are managed by Sue Brady, Reg.N. COHN (C) under medical directives of an Occupational Health Physician. The majority of our nurses have worked with us since the onset of our Corporate Flu Program. We have been complimented on how professional and efficient they are on Clinic Day.

For the past seven years Sue has managed Flu Clinics for the corporate industry in Ontario supervising her team administering over 65,000 flu vaccinations. These have now been extended to the Western Provinces in co-ordination with a Pandemic Education Program. Sue and her team will tailor these programs to fit with your company's demographics and schedules.

Next Step

We would ask that you please notify us of your interest in booking your clinic as soon as possible by contacting our office by email or directly at
1.866.598.8FLU (8358). Clinics will be scheduled on a first come, first served basis starting in the beginning of October 2014. 

(The Ministry has not yet announced the date the serum will be available to us. Clinics scheduled prior to this announcement are tentative.) 

Our team has placed significant emphasis on the development and refinement of our Corporate Flu Vaccination Program, and we constantly strive to provide our clients with superior service in this area. 


Call 1.866.598.8FLU (8538) for more information or use the
Flu Clinic Booking Form to book your Flu Clinic directly online.


Brady and Associates Inc. has been given the unique opportunity to access the FLUMIST® product. This intranasal flu serum is inhaled through the nose where Influenza tends to originate in the body. Used for many years in the United States, this product is new to Canada and is a popular alternative for both children and adults.

Contact us for details on how you can have FLUMIST® at your Workplace Clinic.